Saturday, August 28, 2010

Who is a Concierge?

According to '', the role of the concierge originated from the middle ages, the word 'concierge' is french meaning 'keeper of keys' and the concierges did just that. The profession dates back about 800 years
From those days to till now, a concierge has become more versatile and visible, however, the concierge's role has been constant, he is a very knowledgeable person, knows more about anybody else wherever he is, be it the Hotel, Block of apartments, small business, big corporations or individual, the role of the concierge has become dynamic.

Concierges were also known to be only affordable by the rich and noble as they were only to tend to the needs of the noblility who visited the castles in Europe but now we can find the concierge in virtually every aspect of life. We will closely look at a few areas where concierges have become relevant and surprisingly affordable.

THE INDIVIDUAL AND PERSONAL CONCIERGE: Most people have become time strapped and thus the personal concierge is very relevant here. The personal concierge is like your PA. He will assist you take care of your to-do lists which take time off your hands to relax. Personal Concierges are useful to everybody, so long as you have too much to do and too little time to do it. 
A personal concierge will assist you in chores and errands such as:
Personal Shopping

Address Invitation and Thank you cards
Pick Ups and Deliveries (Laundry etc)
Bill Payments
Gift Wrapping
Home Supervision of repairs
Event Management

Private Banking

Appointment Scheduling

Dinner Reservations
Spa and Gym Reservations
Arrange Housesitting and Babysitting services
and other chores on your to-do list.
Your personal concierge will do all these with finesse and give you a wow-effect in service, because he is equipped with the know how.

SMALL BUSINESSES AND THE CONCIERGE:  A concierge for business concerns is called a corporate concierge and for small businesses, they make overhead costs reduced drastically. Think about it for a while, you want to start a business, you need to get a business office, one with a prestigious office address, you need to have a PA, Business Manager, Administrator and even secretary in some cases. However, with a corporate concierge, the functions of all 4 and more are infused in the corporate concierge's delivery package. And what will a corporate concierge do?


A corporate concierge can offer the following:

General Business and Personal Tasks
Search Engine Optimization
Website Development, Maintenance and Services
Accounting Services
Private Label Services
Receptionist Services
Copywriting Services
Data Entry Services

A small business owner can lower costs by outsourcing his business processes to a corporate concierge.


A concierge is considered your contact person for any accommodations, recommendations or reservations you may require. There is no request too mundane or extravagant and each task is accomplished with an air of pleasantry, integrity and discretion. Their focus is to enhance the experience of the hotel guests while promoting tourism and the novel attractions the city has to offer. Standard services include, spa and massage treatments, limo services, boarding passes, restaurant reservations, tickets to events, and tours of the city.

In the course of this blog, we will learn how a concierge can help you live your life to the Fullest....while they do the runs.