Sunday, September 12, 2010

Give someone a great gift, Spend Time instead of Money.

Perhaps you are wondering how you can do this, giving someone a gift of time? Its very possible and could be the greatest and best gift you can ever give.
I know from experience that helping people out, giving them assistance when they truly need it, giving some time out of your own time to them never goes unnoticed. You may argue that you do not even have time for yourself, well you can pay someone to do it, that's why you have AntsHill Concierge. Go to our website and you will find a non-exhausted list of services which you can offer to your loved ones.

How will this work? Who can you give a gift of time to?
  •  Spouse or Significant other can benefit from your special gift of time through candlelight dinners or a new innovation, candlelight breakfast, eating out on a specific day in a week, Massage or any outdoor activity like taking a walk or even sitting together doing nothing, just being together. A lot of times, we do not have time for our spouses or partner, but by giving at least an hour dedicated to this person will go a long way in making them feel good and you as well.
  • Parents especially elderly ones can benefit from the gift of time as well, by arranging visits, this will make their day especially if they have become widowed and all the children are out of the home.
  • Give your friends the gift of time as well by offering to cook for them, take their car to the car wash, or if your friend is a new mum, you can offer a day of babysitting while she gets a deserved rest. You can also call an estranged friend, chat for sometime, reminiscence about the old happy times or you can send an email.
Other Gift of time ideas are:
  • Offer to be your friend's Virtual assistant, you may have a friend who is just starting a business, by offering to be their VA will definitely warm their hearts because you will save them cost of hiring someone and time to do certain tasks themselves.
  • Assisting during your friend or family member's special event, could be a wedding, funeral, product launch or birthday party. By being there and visible to offer help, you make their day.
  • Shopping, could be grocery or clothes shopping.
  • Help to run errands
I know what you may be thinking, you don't have time as well, how can you give what you don't have, well i have the solution for you, spend your money to buy the gift of time, this is where we come in.
Its a concierge's job to assist where there is no time, get a concierge to do what you cannot do, the gift recipient will only know this gift came from you and they will thank you.
A Concierge gives back time and are always welcome by those who need more of it. And guess what, a gift of time is a perfect gift to give someone who has 'everything'.

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